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Basil Leaves 20g

As pure as nature Basil leaves are an aromatic member of the mint family with a deep, sweet, slightly peppery

Cardamom Whole 25g

Our premium grade green cardamom pods are hand-picked, fragrant, and easy to digest, making them perfect for adding to dishes, smoothies, lattes, or tea.

Chili Flakes 30g

Tune up the spice Chili flakes contain the flesh and seeds of whole chilies; if you want to add a

Chilli Powder 50g

Spice it up! We just can’t imagine food without spices! and chilli powder has become a must in all our

Cinnamon Powder 45g

A premium quality Ceylon Cinnamon powder which is extracted from the highest grade of Cinnamon quillings. 100% organic which will

Cloves powder 40g

For a genuine flavor Grown in the center of Sri Lanka, hand-picked from our local organic farmers, we bring earthy

Coriander powder 40g

An aromatic grind Ground coriander is fragrant, slightly minty, warm, and earthy. It is grounded, making it perfect for easy

Curry Leaves powder 40g

Goodness on plate Our curry leaf powder is made with the finest of the curry leaves, which are carefully dried

Garam Masala 40g

The magic of flavor Garam masala is a warm, fragrant spice blend with lots of layers of flavor. An aromatic

Garlic Powder 50g

• hardening of the arteries • diabetes • high levels of cholesterols or other fats in the blood • high blood pressure • nonalcoholic fatty liver disease • prostate cancer

Ginger Garlic Paste

  • It helps fight cancer.
  • Prevents Heart Disease
  • Relieve Menstrual Pain
  • Treats Diabetes
  • Improved Brain Function

Ginger Powder 50g

You can do it when you ginger it! Make your favorite dish with a dash of our 100% organically grown